NSDA Middle School National Tournament

2017 — Birmingham, AL/US
Follow these steps to register:  
1. Be sure that you are up to date in the Points App (school profile page).

a. Does your school have a Middle School Points App account? If not, email info@speechanddebate.org to get set up.

b. Has your school paid your annual dues? 

c. Are all of your students updated on your Points App roster? 

d. Are all of your student fees paid? 

2. Does your school already have a Tabroom account?

a. If NOT: In the upper right corner of this screen, select "Sign Up". Use your NSDA Points App username and password to login.

b. If SO: Go to the "NSDA" tab and select "Link to the NSDA". Login with your Points App username and password. Select "Register for Middle School Nationals". 

3. Review the relevant tournament information in the tabs to your right, the Nationals website, and the Middle School Unified Manual (updated version to come).
4. Register your students. Look to the Payment Process & Fees tab for information on how to pay.
5. Download the Entry Agreement and Media Release forms here: https://www.speechanddebate.org/middle-school-nationals-registration-forms-2017/
6. Submit Congress legislation here: https://www.speechanddebate.org/ms-nats-legislation-upload/


By registering online for the National Tournament, you are confirming the following statement: "I certify that we, the coach(es), student(s), administrator(s) directly affiliated with our NSDA chapter, have agreed that the student performance(s) reflect(s) our school standards in terms of subject matter, language, and use of gesture."


Important Notice

The 2016 Salt Lake City Nationals was the last time a club or non-school member could enter the Middle School National Tournament. The Board of Directors affirms the creation, support, and development of speech and debate programs at the middle and secondary levels through accredited public and private schools. Beginning with the 2016-2017 school year, all members of the Association must be school-based. For any club or organization that does not currently have a school-based membership, the Association is eager to work with you to create school based speech and debate teams. Students who are currently Association members through their area non-school-based clubs and organizations may request to have their memberships transferred to their accredited public and private schools. Homeschools and virtual schools that are recognized by the state in which those schools compete may join the National Speech & Debate Association.