Jack Howe Memorial Tournament

2022 — Long Beach, CA/US


We have different iterations of Lincoln Douglas (LD) at our tournament that I want to make clear. We have done this to have respect to different styles, competitive aspirations, and argumentative directions/choices that students would like to engage in. There are 4 potential LD divisions. This was done to juggle the regional and national circuit debate differences so that all parties can be satisfied.

TheCA LD OPEN/ NOVICE divisions(e.g., CA-LD and Novice LD) is governed byCHSSA Rules ONLY. CA LD is more traditional and non-circuit debate or in some cases lay debating. There ARE argument limitations that are sanctioned by The California High School Speech Association. Please review the rules posted above. In a nut shell this means no Kritiks, Counterplans, Plans, or other arguments that are not allowed.

TheTOC LD/ JV divisions(e.g., TOC LD and JV LD) is governed by NSDA/TOC rules and procedures. These events are more aligned with circuit norms and procedures. there are NO limitations on argument styles and plan usage. The TOC bid for the Quarterfinal would be the result of competition in the TOC LD division. There will be no TOC bid in the JV pool.

Please consider the differences in these divisions when registering your students in Lincoln Douglas events. The judge pools will only be connected by the groupings listed above.