Jack Howe Memorial Tournament

2022 — Long Beach, CA/US

Hire Judging Through Hire System/ Offer Judging (TOC LD/POLICY)

Offer Hired Judging

WE will use Tabroom to manage hired judging. Note that offering yourself as a judge does NOT mean you will automatically be hired or paid - the tournament must still approve your offered rounds, and then another attendee must claim them. You will not be paid for unclaimed rounds. Tabroom will notify you as your hired rounds are approved and claimed. 

DEVEN will be the only one approving judge hires. 

If you need to reduce your hired rounds after they have been claimed, you must contact the program who claimed your rounds to reduce the claim. It is not possible to reduce your claim yourself.

To offer yourself as a hired judge at an upcoming tournament with this feature enabled, click the "Offer Hired Judging Rounds" link in the Sidebar.

For schools that need to HIRE judges

We will not track down judges for school this year. You must claim the rounds of what is being offered by folks attending the tournament. If there are judges available, you MUST claim their rounds and contact them for confirmation. Once rounds are claimed you are responsible for payment of those judges. We may have cash on hand, but do not count on that.