Jack Howe Memorial Tournament

2022 — Long Beach, CA/US



Sunday, September 25th.

Registration 7:00am

7:30am - General Judging Instructions in Lecture Hall 150 for judges needing a refresher on Tabroom. Event specific judging instructions will not be giving and are instead found on your ballot.

7:45am – Extemp Draw - R1
8:00am - Round 1 - All Speech Events
10:00am - Extemp Draw – R2
10:15am – Round 2 All Speech Events
12:15pm – Extemp Draw – R3
12:30pm – Round 3 All speech Events
2:45pm – Extemp Draw – Elim 1
3:00pm – Speech Elim 1
5:00pm – Extemp Draw – Elim 2
5:15pm - Speech Elim 2

Awards – 7:15 or ASAP



EXTEMP: Extemp Draw will be run digitally. Prompts will be posted on a Google Doc live, similar to the online years.

Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/13KIoTXYLBdhAPZ0eVAB4M3ylVeMpuP9ZXFCxIbz1B2s/edit?usp=sharing

As draw will not prioritize double-entry, please go to your Extemp round first. Your double-entry event should be done after.

Event Rules:

We will be following NSDA Rules for the following events: DI, DUO, EXT, HI, INFO, OO, POI. 

We will be following CHSSA Rules for the following events: IMP*** and OI.

***Impromptu: Speakers will be limited to 2 minutes or preparation time and 5 minutes of speaking time. 

In all events, we will be defaulting to NSDA Overtime Rules: if a student goes overtime, the judge may not rank them 1st, but need not rank them last. In other words, judges may give a speaker who went overtime any rank but the "1." ALL Events (including Impromtu and Extemp) will have a 30 second grace period. 

Elimination Rounds (as of entry numbers on Sept. 19th):

Keep in mind that these may change prior to Sunday due to significant drops or changes, etc.

The following events will be combined into one division: NDUO, NEXT, and NHI.

The following events will not have elimination rounds: NDI and ODUO.

The following events will break directly to a Final Round: NINF, NOI, NOO, ODI, OHI, OINF, OOI, and OPOI.

The following events will break to a Semifinal Round: NIMP, OEXT, OIMP, and OOO. Please note that should entries and judges warrant, we will break up to 18 to a Semifinal round.

All breaks and placement for this Tournament shall be cumulative across all rounds.