John Edie Holiday Debates Hosted by The Blake School

2020 — Online, MN/US

Equity/Rules Committee

The Edie Tournament supports equity and fairness in competition. We will not tolerate harassment or discrimination. To that end, we will have a Rules committee, chaired by Byron Arthur, the Delores Taylor Arthur School, LA and an Equity committee, chaired by Renea Moss, Fortlo Academy, FL. Committee members are Renee Motter, Air Academy HS, CO, Gary Peters, Ben Davis HS, IN, Jay Rye, Montgomery Academy, AL, Angelique Ronald, California High School Speech Association, and Elijah Smith, Rutgers University, NJ. 
If a competitor, judge, or coach wishes to file a Rules protest or Equity violation, follow the instructions here on Tabroom and use the appropriate form. Please complete the correct form.
The process is that the complaint would go to a chair who would read and assess. If the complaint warrants investigation, the chair would assemble members of the committee. The committee chair will invite those who filed the complaint into the Equity/Rules Zoom room.The committee would then confer, investigate, and make a determination. There will be rooms set aside just for Equity/Rules committee use on ClassroomClouds.