John Edie Holiday Debates Hosted by The Blake School

2020 — Online, MN/US

School Release Form/Independent Entry Policy

School Release Form/Independent Entry Policy

1)All Entries -- Must do the School permission form by principal, school approved employee or parent.  If it is not signed by the principal then we assume the person signing the form has the approval of the school to compete at the tournament. And we want an administrator contact name and email/phone if the person signing this form is not an employee of the school. 

here are the procedures for doing this form.

1. Click to register for the tournament
2. Click the “general” tab
3. To the right of the screen you will see “School Permission Form”
4. Click the down arrow to download our specific language
5. Copy and paste that exact language onto your school’s official letterhead and get it signed 
6. Upload the signed form to the same location you downloaded it from as a pdf

2) Hybrid Entries -- We only allow hybrid entries in two situations.  First, we allow them in Worlds Debate event but ask that you clear them with tournament.  Second, we recognize state rules to compete together.  The example we give is Walter Panas HS and Lakeland HS in the New York area are allowed to compete together under NY State rules.  We will accept that format of a hybrid but the school coach should contact us about the entry.  

3) Independent Entries -- We generally do not accept them. In some very rare cases we can discuss a specific situation. At a minimum, we require the school coach and a school administrator approve participation.