John Edie Holiday Debates Hosted by The Blake School

2020 — Online, MN/US

Policy Information/Schedule

Varsity Policy Debate - 2020 John Edie Tournament hosted by The Blake School

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Thursday Registration time is 5-9PM CST

Schedule -- See Link below

Varsity Policy Schedule

Important note for policy teams to facilitate disclosure you will have two check in times. This is for both the judge and the teams.  It can be short and then you can leave until "Report Time".

Check-in Time

All participants (teams and judge) are expected to check into their room within 10 minutes of the release of the pairing. This means you need to login to the room. Check-in enables disclosure, setting up an email chain, etc. This will also allow tournament staff to verify we have seen everyone and minimize the need for replacements or delays in the schedule. Once you have checked in, you may go off-screen or prep somewhere else as needed – you just need to come back at Report Time.


Report Time

We kindly request that all participants observe “Report Time” – at 10 minutes before Start Time, and report to competition rooms at that time. You may continue to prep/coach off-screen, but in order to verify we have all participants able to access their rooms and ready to debate at start time, we need folks in their rooms and we need a little lead time to ensure we start on time. This will help minimize delays and enable tournament staff to quickly target those needing help accessing the platform/tournament/rooms or finding folks who are missing.


Virtual Debates

-- Judges should always have their camera on when a speech is happening

-- Students are asked to have cameras on for the debates -- tech issues can alter this but one should try 

-- Naming conventions should be used by all persons. Students - Side -Team-Name (Judge-Team-Name or Coach-Team-Name)

Observers Policy and Entourage Judging Rule:




Elim Rounds

The schedule is seven prelim rounds to a double-octo elimination round.

Judge Requirements

One varsity team is 4 rounds, two varsity teams is 7 rounds. All judges are obligated thru the first elim and also one round past the elimination of their team.  The judging is by the round.  Pay attention to your round commitments. You cannot cover 4 rounds and be a Saturday only judge given that there are only 3 prelims on Saturday.