John Edie Holiday Debates Hosted by The Blake School

2020 — Online, MN/US


Working to confirm schedules by tomorrow Tuesday 11/3/20. Full invite by Wednesday 11/4/20.

We will be doing a entourage rule this year. You will sign up your observers in a separate event - similar to the Kentucky college policy tournament.  If coaches are one that observer list they must be in the pool for one prelim and early elim rounds. 

I have an approval for an electronic payment system TBA

Working on starting to let teams in after full invite is up.  But, we don't take hybrid teams and often don't take independent entries.  Independent entries that represent a school and have school/coach approval have been allowed in the past if they are avoiding some random state rule that maybe applies to sports teams.  


Changed Middle School policy to MS/Novice Policy - so first year debaters in high school are ok


Tournament Entry opening tonight at 7PM CST.

We have varsity policy, public forum, LD, worlds and congress.  Also Middle School Policy.

If you register don't send any money until I clarify the procedures on Wednesday.

Also final schedules should be done Wednesday and full invite done by Thursday. We will single flight all events.

The Public Forum RR will be Monday Dec. 21.  Still deciding on Congress RR if Sunday Dec. 20 or Monday Dec. 21.

11/19/20 - 6:45 PM 

Getting schedules and information up for each event.  Once that is done then I will begin tonight to take teams off the waitlist.  I want you to see what we are doing before you say yes to the tournament.