49th Harvard National Forensics Tournament

2023 — Cambridge, MA/US
Field in PF - Open ONLINE
67 entries
Institution Location Entry Code Record
Ascent TW Chung & Zhang Ascent CZ
Ascent TW Tseng & Hsia Ascent TH
BC Academy BC/CA Eun & Park BC Academy EP
BC Academy BC/CA Kwon & Kim BC Academy KK
Beijing independent CN Ma & Xu Beijing independent MX
Bergen NJ/US Yang & Choi Bergen YC
BL BC/CA Luan & Xugao BL LX
BL BC/CA Wu & Zhang BL WZ
BL BC/CA Zhong & Zhou BL ZZ
Byram Hills NY/US Pollack & Reichenbaum Byram Hills PR
Capstone International CN Shao & Zhu Capstone International SZ
Cicero Project CN Bosshart & Zhang Cicero Project BZ
Dalton NY/US Yu & Saravanan Dalton YS
Debate Go ON/CA Xue & Yang Debate Go XY
DebateDrills CA/US Chaudhuri & Jani DebateDrills CJ
Desert Vista AZ/US Fan & Yu Desert Vista FY
Desert Vista AZ/US Ghatigar & Wintring Desert Vista GW
Eticko ON/CA Chen & Moon Eticko CM
Eticko ON/CA Sun & Chen Eticko SC
Harbinger CN Dai & Zhao Harbinger DZ
Harbinger CN Liu & Cao Harbinger LC
Harbinger CN Ma & Hong Harbinger MH
Harbinger CN Shen & Qi Harbinger SQ
Harbinger CN Yu & LU Harbinger YL
Harbinger CN Zhang & Tung Harbinger ZT
Harbinger CN Zhuang & Zhang Harbinger ZZ
Joaquin Miller CA/US Dinesh & Shrivastava Joaquin Miller DiSh
Joaquin Miller CA/US Deshmukh & Saharoy Joaquin Miller DS
Joaquin Miller CA/US Kalbhavi & Shah Joaquin Miller KS
Joaquin Miller CA/US Khulbe & Zhao Joaquin Miller KZ
Joaquin Miller CA/US Pota & Rajasekaran Joaquin Miller PR
Joaquin Miller CA/US Sathish & Mahajan Joaquin Miller SM
Joaquin Miller CA/US Wong & Rajan Joaquin Miller WR
Middleton WI/US Liang & Huang Middleton LH
NHSDLC National HS Debate League of China CN Effendi & Budiman NHSDLC National HS Debate League of China EB
NHSDLC National HS Debate League of China CN Rao & Gao NHSDLC National HS Debate League of China RG
NHSDLC National HS Debate League of China CN Wang & Wang NHSDLC National HS Debate League of China WW
Pembroke Pines Charter FL/US Basnyet & Derisma Pembroke Pines Charter BD
Pembroke Pines Charter FL/US Bali & Mathai Pembroke Pines Charter BM
Peter's Debate Institute CN He & Zhang Peter's Debate Institute HZ
Pine View FL/US Homer & Stathis Pine View HS
Portsmouth NH Alhamdan & Graham Portsmouth AG
Portsmouth NH Isobel Horowitz Portsmouth IH
Portsmouth NH Nada & Pinto Portsmouth NP
Power Speakers Unlimited NY/US Taada & Sebin Power Speakers Unlimited TS
SD CN Xu & Ivanov SD XI
South Forsyth GA/US Qi & Chinthalapudi South Forsyth QC
Speech and Debate India IN Agarwal & Birmani Speech and Debate India AB
Speech and Debate India IN Khemani & Dhingra Speech and Debate India KD
Speech and Debate India IN Kamdar & Madhu Speech and Debate India KM
Speech and Debate India IN Patel & Madhu Speech and Debate India PM
Speech and Debate India IN Shah & Dhillon Speech and Debate India SD
Speech and Debate India IN Shroff & Garg Speech and Debate India SG
Speech and Debate India IN Vora & Gupta Speech and Debate India VG
Speech CN Zhao & Jingxuan Speech ZJ
VDA - Vancouver BC/CA Fu & Cai VDA - Vancouver FC
VDA - Vancouver BC/CA Han & Lang VDA - Vancouver HL
VDA - Vancouver BC/CA Han & Ma VDA - Vancouver HM
VDA - Vancouver BC/CA Jiang & Guan VDA - Vancouver JG
VDA - Vancouver BC/CA Lin & Sun VDA - Vancouver LiSu
VDA - Vancouver BC/CA Li & Sun VDA - Vancouver LS
VDA - Vancouver BC/CA Tian & An VDA - Vancouver TA
VDA - Vancouver BC/CA Wei & Zhao VDA - Vancouver WeZh
VDA - Vancouver BC/CA Wu & Yan VDA - Vancouver WY
VDA - Vancouver BC/CA Wu & Zhang VDA - Vancouver WZ
WeSchool Debate Association (China) CN Lou & Zhou WeSchool Debate Association (China) LZ