Pine Tree UIL Academic A Invitational

2023 — Longview, TX/US
Field in Spelling and Vocabulary (Small)
37 entries
Institution Location Entry Code
Ore City TX/US Ebony Davis AD Ebony Davis
Ore City TX/US Latavion Beatty AD Latavion Beatty
Ore City TX/US Noah Garcia AD Noah Garcia
Ore City TX/US Zach Moore AD Zach Moore
Sabine TX/US Alyssa Whitaker AF Alyssa Whitaker
Sabine TX/US Avery Johnson AF Avery Johnson
Sabine TX/US Chloe Cox AF Chloe Cox
Sabine TX/US Maritza Zuniga AF Maritza Zuniga
Sabine TX/US Michael Stephens AF Michael Stephens
Kilgore TX/US Delaney Moses AN Delaney Moses
Kilgore TX/US Jack Stone AN Jack Stone
Kilgore TX/US Mackenzie Marshall AN Mackenzie Marshall
Kilgore TX/US Rachel Niemeyer AN Rachel Niemeyer
Kilgore TX/US Samuel Clements AN Samuel Clements
Atlanta TX/US Anessa Smith AR Anessa Smith
Atlanta TX/US Emma Lanier AR Emma Lanier
Atlanta TX/US Jon Kennedy AR Jon Kennedy
Atlanta TX/US Pari Patel AR Pari Patel
New Boston TX/US Aaron Shankel AZ Aaron Shankel
New Boston TX/US Kymberlyn Baxter AZ Kymberlyn Baxter
New Boston TX/US Pashenz Forte AZ Pashenz Forte
White Oak TX/US Aley Dixon BA Aley Dixon
White Oak TX/US Alli Sims BA Alli Sims
White Oak TX/US Grace Pratt BA Grace Pratt
White Oak TX/US Holden Hodges BA Holden Hodges
White Oak TX/US Kara Kennedy BA Kara Kennedy
White Oak TX/US Lizzy Still BA Lizzy Still
White Oak TX/US Londyn Bodovsky BA Londyn Bodovsky
White Oak TX/US Zachary Jacyno BA Zachary Jacyno
East Texas Charter TX/US Conner Beets BB Conner Beets
East Texas Charter TX/US Kaylee Stone BB Kaylee Stone
East Texas Charter TX/US Richard Jennings BB Richard Jennings
Queen City TX/US Anthony Castleberry BE Anthony Castleberry
Queen City TX/US Brayden Attaway BE Brayden Attaway
Queen City TX/US Hunter Griggs BE Hunter Griggs
San Augustine TX/US Emaia Andrews BH Emaia Andrews
Daingerfield TX/US Ja'Miya Daniels BM Ja'Miya Daniels