Pine Tree UIL Academic A Invitational

2023 — Longview, TX/US
Field in Science (Small)
69 entries
Institution Location Entry Code
Ore City TX/US Alex Speegle AD Alex Speegle
Ore City TX/US Chloe Scott AD Chloe Scott
Ore City TX/US Dawson Burks AD Dawson Burks
Ore City TX/US Gavin Trever AD Gavin Trever
Ore City TX/US Justin Dan AD Justin Dan
Ore City TX/US Kris Ritter AD Kris Ritter
Ore City TX/US Makayla Knapp AD Makayla Knapp
Ore City TX/US Sage West AD Sage West
Ore City TX/US Taylor Robberts AD Taylor Robberts
Sabine TX/US Anna Tryon AF Anna Tryon
Sabine TX/US Carl Frye AF Carl Frye
Sabine TX/US Greta Chubboy AF Greta Chubboy
Sabine TX/US Jonah Brenner AF Jonah Brenner
Sabine TX/US Jonathan Ferguson AF Jonathan Ferguson
Sabine TX/US Joshua Webb AF Joshua Webb
Sabine TX/US Kyle Ybanez AF Kyle Ybanez
Sabine TX/US Montana Morris AF Montana Morris
Sabine TX/US William Sheets AF William Sheets
Kilgore TX/US Cj Hedges AN Cj Hedges
Kilgore TX/US Gage Brown AN Gage Brown
Kilgore TX/US Keith Mathis AN Keith Mathis
Kilgore TX/US Kylee Hunter AN Kylee Hunter
Kilgore TX/US Luis Herrera AN Luis Herrera
Kilgore TX/US Maci McNew AN Maci McNew
Kilgore TX/US Thaiona Moore AN Thaiona Moore
Kilgore TX/US Xsavier Ortiz AN Xsavier Ortiz
Carthage TX/US Addy Harvey AP Addy Harvey
Carthage TX/US Christian Miller AP Christian Miller
Carthage TX/US Kallen Kecman AP Kallen Kecman
Carthage TX/US Kaylee Mims AP Kaylee Mims
Carthage TX/US Mason Harrison AP Mason Harrison
Carthage TX/US Omar Medrano AP Omar Medrano
East Texas Charter TX/US Abby Benson BB Abby Benson
East Texas Charter TX/US Christian Powell BB Christian Powell
East Texas Charter TX/US Emily Cowen BB Emily Cowen
East Texas Charter TX/US Gavin Sereno BB Gavin Sereno
East Texas Charter TX/US James Hicks BB James Hicks
East Texas Charter TX/US Joe Zirkle BB Joe Zirkle
East Texas Charter TX/US Katie Forrest BB Katie Forrest
East Texas Charter TX/US Mia Thomas BB Mia Thomas
East Texas Charter TX/US Sergio Paredes BB Sergio Paredes
East Texas Charter TX/US Tony Castillo BB Tony Castillo
Queen City TX/US Harley Smith BE Harley Smith
Queen City TX/US Linley Butler BE Linley Butler
Queen City TX/US Luke Moore BE Luke Moore
Queen City TX/US Madison Chickadel BE Madison Chickadel
Queen City TX/US PeKoe (Kye) McKinney BE PeKoe (Kye) McKinney
Queen City TX/US Vincent Wong BE Vincent Wong
Queen City TX/US Xavior Allison BE Xavior Allison
Pittsburgh TX/US David Flores BF David Flores
Pittsburgh TX/US Jael Delgado BF Jael Delgado
Pittsburgh TX/US Natalie Garza BF Natalie Garza
Pittsburgh TX/US Pamela Kellum BF Pamela Kellum
Pittsburgh TX/US Stephanie Lopez BF Stephanie Lopez
Spring Hill TX/US Andrew George BL Andrew George
Spring Hill TX/US Bon Kim BL Bon Kim
Spring Hill TX/US Carter Boyd BL Carter Boyd
Spring Hill TX/US Jace Jones BL Jace Jones
Spring Hill TX/US Lily Cooper BL Lily Cooper
Averyisd TX/US Alex Peek BN Alex Peek
Averyisd TX/US Brianna Ackley BN Brianna Ackley
Averyisd TX/US Jamie Delong BN Jamie Delong
Averyisd TX/US Katie Baird BN Katie Baird
Averyisd TX/US Kristen Burkett BN Kristen Burkett
Averyisd TX/US London Freeman BN London Freeman
Averyisd TX/US Madison Klemme BN Madison Klemme
Averyisd TX/US Mariah Cortez BN Mariah Cortez
Averyisd TX/US Shawn Lamon BN Shawn Lamon
Ore City TX/US Efren Ugalde Efren Ugalde