Pine Tree UIL Academic A Invitational

2023 — Longview, TX/US



January 13/14, 2022

Pine Tree High School UIL Invitational A

P.O. Box 5878

Longview, Texas 75608

Physical Address: 900 Northwest

Number: (903) 295 - 5031 ext 1130

Lee Branson,, PT UIL Academics District Director

Chris Dickson,, Assistant UIL Director

Dear UIL Coordinator/Sponsor:

We would like to welcome you back to our annual Invitational A opener. All events will be in person. We hope to host a strong tournament focused on preparing all students for their district competition. Please join us in kicking off the spring U.I.L. season.

EVENTS: All academic events including the hands-on portion of the computer science test. All UIL and NSDA speech events will be offered. Large Schools include all 5A and 6A and Small Schools include all 1A thru 4A.

REGISTRATION: Please register all speech/debate AND academic contestants through TABROOM. Any questions about registration may be directed to Lee Branson or Chris Dickson.

DEADLINES: We will need to have your online registration by noon, Thursday, January 12th. You may change names after this date, but drops will result in the loss of your entry fee.

ENTRY FEES: CX Entries: $30/team

LD Entries: $20

Duo: $10

Speech Events (except Duo): $8

All Other Events: $8 per entrant per event

ENTRIES: Each school can enter unlimited entries in each event except for writing events.


All events will test according to schedule. We ask that coaches make any name changes at the beginning of the contest with the contest director and be available to grade following the contest.

Ready Writing/Journalism:

We will be able to accept up to 50 entries for each writing event. We will cap entries from each school at 5 until the week before the tournament. Chromebooks and printing will be offered, but space will be available to students who wish to use their own computers and printers. Please bring your own power cords. Students may bring a thumb drive to save their essays. Students may use Google Drive to type the essay, but using the internet for other purposes will not be allowed. Your students’ essays will most likely not be scored if you do not secure a grader. We will provide copies of winning essays to all participating schools.


All contestants will test in the same room.

PRONOUNCER: Belinda Walenta


We will only allow UIL-approved calculators:

Casio FX-260Solar

Sharp EL-501X



All current UIL rules related to the disabling of Wi-Fi or other internet access must be


UIL CX: Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its security cooperation with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in one or more of the following areas: artificial intelligence, biotechnology, cybersecurity.

UIL LD: Resolved: Spring UIL LD Topic released in early December.

UIL Congress: All UIL State Legislation used at State Contest on January 4-5, 2023 for all classifications. State legislation will be posted here as soon as it’s available.

JUDGING and AWARDS: Judging for all events will immediately follow the end of each contest. Verification will immediately follow judging and ranking, Medals will be awarded immediately following verification. Any questions may be directed to the contest director at the meet. In science, awards will be given for the top scores in each grade, top score in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, and overall 1st-6th places. In all math events, awards will be given for the top score in each grade, as well as the overall 1st-6th places. Team awards will be given following UIL rules. Sweepstakes will be awarded for each division. First place teams will receive plaques and individual team medals in team events.


1 judge per every 4 or portion thereof in LD Debate

1 judge per every 2 or portion thereof in CX Debate

1 judge per every 6 or portion thereof in Congress

1 judge per every 6 or portion thereof in Prose, Poetry, Persuasive or Informative

The same judge cannot be entered or judge both LD and CX Debate.

Missing judges will be $150.

HOSPITALITY AND CONCESSIONS: We will provide hospitality for coaches and judges serving breakfast, lunch, snacks, and drinks. Paid concessions including pizza for lunch will be provided for students.


All materials will be given out on the day of the meet. Coaches and directors are asked to keep the Invitational A meet materials and not post or share them since other schools will be hosting Invitational A in the following weeks.

Thank you and Good Luck!

Lee Branson

UIL Academics Director

Please mail payment to:

Pine Tree UIL

Pine Tree High School

c/o Lee Branson

P.O. Box 5878

Longview, TX 75608