Pine Tree UIL Academic A Invitational

2023 — Longview, TX/US
Field in Current Issues and Events (Small)
41 entries
Institution Location Entry Code
Ore City TX/US Abraham Pulido AD Abraham Pulido
Ore City TX/US Ebony Davis AD Ebony Davis
Ore City TX/US Mason Ashley AD Mason Ashley
Ore City TX/US Noah Garcia AD Noah Garcia
Ore City TX/US Ronan Riechle AD Ronan Riechle
Union Grove ISD TX/US Brayden Pirtle AE Brayden Pirtle
Union Grove ISD TX/US Elijah Parham AE Elijah Parham
Union Grove ISD TX/US Tj Fowler AE Tj Fowler
Union Grove ISD TX/US Tommy Branscom AE Tommy Branscom
Sabine TX/US Colton Martindale AF Colton Martindale
Sabine TX/US Cyrus Eaves AF Cyrus Eaves
Sabine TX/US Evelyn Mirick AF Evelyn Mirick
Sabine TX/US Gisele Flores AF Gisele Flores
Sabine TX/US Jacob Benson AF Jacob Benson
Sabine TX/US Ramsey Dancer AF Ramsey Dancer
Sabine TX/US Tayla Calico AF Tayla Calico
Kilgore TX/US Jack Stone AN Jack Stone
Kilgore TX/US Kylee Hunter AN Kylee Hunter
Kilgore TX/US Luis Herrera AN Luis Herrera
Kilgore TX/US Mackenzie Marshall AN Mackenzie Marshall
Kilgore TX/US Samuel Clements AN Samuel Clements
Carthage TX/US Ariam Hernandez AP Ariam Hernandez
Carthage TX/US Emily Bitter AP Emily Bitter
Carthage TX/US Kallen Kecman AP Kallen Kecman
Carthage TX/US Maya Ladiwala AP Maya Ladiwala
Carthage TX/US Priscilla Piedra AP Priscilla Piedra
Atlanta TX/US Carson Mathis AR Carson Mathis
Atlanta TX/US Gage Whatley AR Gage Whatley
Atlanta TX/US Rebecca Pitman AR Rebecca Pitman
Atlanta TX/US Tiger Thorla AR Tiger Thorla
East Texas Charter TX/US Conner Beets BB Conner Beets
East Texas Charter TX/US Emily Cowen BB Emily Cowen
East Texas Charter TX/US Olivia Delk BB Olivia Delk
Queen City TX/US Anthony Castleberry BE Anthony Castleberry
Queen City TX/US Brayden Attaway BE Brayden Attaway
Pittsburgh TX/US Emma Gilbert BF Emma Gilbert
Pittsburgh TX/US Ingrid Baizabal BF Ingrid Baizabal
Pittsburgh TX/US Jayden Shields BF Jayden Shields
Pittsburgh TX/US Jhoana Garcia BF Jhoana Garcia
Pittsburgh TX/US Joseph Henderson BF Joseph Henderson
Pittsburgh TX/US Pamela Kellum BF Pamela Kellum