Pine Tree UIL Academic A Invitational

2023 — Longview, TX/US
Field in Computer Science (Small)
21 entries
Institution Location Entry Code
Union Grove ISD TX/US August Vestal AE August Vestal
Union Grove ISD TX/US Brayden Carter AE Brayden Carter
Union Grove ISD TX/US Tj Fowler AE Tj Fowler
Sabine TX/US Chance Applewhite AF Chance Applewhite
Sabine TX/US Jonah Brenner AF Jonah Brenner
Sabine TX/US Kyle Ybanez AF Kyle Ybanez
Sabine TX/US Nathan Simpson AF Nathan Simpson
Sabine TX/US Piper Harrison AF Piper Harrison
Queen City TX/US Cade Warren BE Cade Warren
Queen City TX/US Harley Smith BE Harley Smith
Queen City TX/US Ian Taylor BE Ian Taylor
Queen City TX/US Lajavion Martin BE Lajavion Martin
Queen City TX/US Vincent Wong BE Vincent Wong
Queen City TX/US Xavior Allison BE Xavior Allison
San Augustine TX/US Brittan Nance BH Brittan Nance
San Augustine TX/US Emma Masiero BH Emma Masiero
San Augustine TX/US Joe Diggles BH Joe Diggles
San Augustine TX/US Khang Doan BH Khang Doan
San Augustine TX/US Miguel Mendoza BH Miguel Mendoza
San Augustine TX/US Patrick Williams BH Patrick Williams