Robert D Clark Invitational at the University of Oregon

2019 — Eugene, OR/US
Field in Open Prose
29 entries
School Locale Entry Code
Bend Senior High School OR/US Lily Alexander AT 286
Bend Senior High School OR/US Lauren Evans AT 296
Bend Senior High School OR/US Charis Barnes AT 298
Clackamas HS OR/US Isabelle Paylor AM 255
Clackamas HS OR/US Alexandria Williams AM 256
Clackamas HS OR/US Alycia Frack AM 259
Cleveland HS OR/US Zoe Kane AZ 706
Cleveland HS OR/US Lana Perice AZ 716
Cleveland HS OR/US Sophie Jones AZ 719
Cleveland HS OR/US Maggie McBride AZ 720
Coquille HS OR/US Gianni Faith BW 358
Gresham High School OR/US Kaitlyn Wright AN 195
Lakeridge HS OR/US Peyton Holstein AB 121
Lakeridge HS OR/US Owen Kim AB 123
Lakeridge HS OR/US Roselyn Dai AB 130
Neah-Kah-Nie High School OR/US Emily Stanfield BL 602
Oregon City HS OR/US Natalia Curtis AW 134
Oregon City HS OR/US Alexis Squires AW 367
Oregon City HS OR/US Emma Lindquist AW 413
Southridge High School OR/US Katerina Roman AK 146
Sprague High School OR/US Alyssa Azar BD 362
Sprague High School OR/US Emma Michaux BD 492
Summit HS OR/US Emilio Fassett BK 449
Summit HS OR/US Isabella Monger BK 450
Sunset High School OR/US Maggie Peng BE 107
West Albany HS OR/US Ethan Parke BX 328
Westview High School OR/US Aissata Sall BC 211
Westview High School OR/US Sophia Slack BC 316
Woodrow Wilson HS OR/US Amy Sloan AX 274