Robert D Clark Invitational at the University of Oregon

2019 — Eugene, OR/US
Field in Open ADS
31 entries
School Locale Entry Code
Bend Senior High School OR/US Esme Singer AT 220
Bend Senior High School OR/US Kaleigh Ballantine AT 222
Bend Senior High School OR/US Charis Barnes AT 290
Clackamas HS OR/US Amanda Sinha AM 263
Cleveland HS OR/US Lyle Altschul AZ 732
Cleveland HS OR/US Macy Jenks AZ 733
Cleveland HS OR/US Acil Mecham AZ 734
Lakeridge HS OR/US Emma Day AB 111
Neah-Kah-Nie High School OR/US Michael Laun BL 431
Neah-Kah-Nie High School OR/US Brandon Partosan BL 614
Oregon City HS OR/US Carter Thomas AW 251
Oregon City HS OR/US Fabian Gomez-Hernandez AW 368
Sandy HS OR/US Jake Billard AS 226
Sandy HS OR/US Cassidy Browning AS 346
Southridge High School OR/US Jaxon Rotan AK 144
Southridge High School OR/US Haley Speed AK 330
Sprague High School OR/US Aiben Hirschfelder BD 363
Sprague High School OR/US Ramon Martinez BD 491
Summit HS OR/US Shayna Kohl BK 438
Summit HS OR/US Sophia Thomas BK 482
Summit HS OR/US Jackson Mitchell BK 483
Summit HS OR/US Isabella Monger BK 484
Summit HS OR/US Annika Paulson BK 493
Summit HS OR/US Jonathan Skidmore BK 578
West Albany HS OR/US Samantha Cumpiano BX 708
Westview High School OR/ Shruthi Ananth BC 185
Westview High School OR/ Medha Prakash BC 310
Woodrow Wilson HS OR/US Ari Lohr AX 277
Woodrow Wilson HS OR/US Zoe Carver AX 340
Woodrow Wilson HS OR/US Emma Koontz AX 341
Woodrow Wilson HS OR/US Nathaniel Nelson AX 344