Robert D Clark Invitational at the University of Oregon

2019 — Eugene, OR/US
Field in Open Oratory
19 entries
School Locale Entry Code
Clackamas HS OR/US Annie Marshall AM 755
Cleveland HS OR/US Daniel Wittenberg AZ 654
Cleveland HS OR/US Eliana Kertzner AZ 724
Cleveland HS OR/US Lyle Altschul AZ 725
Lakeridge HS OR/US Cole Powers AB 104
Lakeridge HS OR/US Natalie Goldberg AB 119
Lakeridge HS OR/US Roselyn Dai AB 131
Lakeridge HS OR/US Ari Okamura AB 523
S. Eugene H. S OR/US Sarah Khan AA 517
Sandy HS OR/US Dylan Joyce AS 231
Sandy HS OR/US Brekkan Richardson AS 232
Summit HS OR/US Shilo Grayson BK 467
Sunset High School OR/US Vinita Karumuru BE 395
Tillamook High School OR/US Andrew Zwald BF 361
Westview High School OR/US William Dennis Nahl BC 428
Westview High School OR/US Sophie Ong BC 615
Woodrow Wilson HS OR/US Ginger Felberg AX 278
Woodrow Wilson HS OR/US Nathaniel Nelson AX 279
Woodrow Wilson HS OR/US Ethan Eisner AX 338