Robert D Clark Invitational at the University of Oregon

2019 — Eugene, OR/US
Field in Open Impromptu
43 entries
School Locale Entry Code
Bend Senior High School OR/US Bianca Reinhart AT 141
Bend Senior High School OR/US Mallory Mitchell AT 283
Clackamas HS OR/US Alycia Frack AM 265
Clackamas HS OR/US Annie Marshall AM 758
Cleveland HS OR/US Colter Decker AZ 427
Cleveland HS OR/US Susan McHarris AZ 429
Coquille HS OR/US Rory Sweeney BW 642
Crescent Valley OR/US Gabriel Toea AE 170
Crescent Valley OR/US Grace Kohler AE 176
Crescent Valley OR/US Garak Ward AE 177
Crescent Valley OR/US Max Thomas AE 178
Crescent Valley OR/US Aravind Sriram AE 180
Gresham High School OR/US Tristan Flores AN 193
Lakeridge HS OR/US Ella Feathers AB 109
Lakeridge HS OR/US Emma Day AB 110
Lakeridge HS OR/US Pj Steinberg AB 126
Liberty HS OR/US Marissa Casper BZ 387
Liberty HS OR/US Emma Dicken BZ 398
Liberty HS OR/US Alex Bacon BZ 399
Oak Hill School OR/US Kat Antunes AP 386
Oregon City HS OR/US Carter Thomas AW 252
Southridge High School OR/US Katerina Roman AK 145
Springfield H.S. OR/US Micah Wood BN 140
Springfield H.S. OR/US Levi McDaniel BN 636
Springfield H.S. OR/US Dylan Scott BN 637
Summit HS OR/US Luke Pardini BK 371
Sunset High School OR/US Aditya Venigalla BE 382
Sunset High School OR/US Rohan Kumar BE 405
Sunset High School OR/US Omkar Pawar BE 408
Thurston OR/US Hayden Watson BM 661
Tillamook High School OR/US Madeline Kralik BF 303
Tillamook High School OR/US Gilberto Brisneo BF 360
West Albany HS OR/US Rachael Stephen BX 741
West Albany HS OR/US Bekah Kenney BX 776
Westview High School OR/US Bharath Namboothiry BC 322
Westview High School OR/US Anwesha Mukherjee BC 323
Westview High School OR/US Rohan Shetty BC 432
Westview High School OR/US Albert Lu BC 536
Woodrow Wilson HS OR/ Ari Lohr AX 297
Woodrow Wilson HS OR/ Chester Mantel AX 331
Woodrow Wilson HS OR/ William Sweek AX 333
Woodrow Wilson HS OR/ Ethan Eisner AX 334
Woodrow Wilson HS OR/ Elana Welter AX 335