Robert D Clark Invitational at the University of Oregon

2019 — Eugene, OR/US
Field in Open Extemporaneous
24 entries
School Locale Entry Code
Clackamas HS OR/US Megan Schuermyer AM 370
Clackamas HS OR/US Kyle Schuermyer AM 761
Cleveland HS OR/US Casey Tran AZ 351
Cleveland HS OR/US Isabella Baird AZ 519
Cleveland HS OR/US Gus Glasheen AZ 521
Cleveland HS OR/US Isabelle Jacqmotte-Parks AZ 653
Lakeridge HS OR/US Ella Feathers AB 108
Lakeridge HS OR/US Natalie Goldberg AB 117
McMinnville HS OR/US Tommy Douglass BP 574
McMinnville HS OR/US Eli Wiles BP 575
Oak Hill School OR/US Kat Antunes AP 381
Oregon City HS OR/US Spencer Rosenau AW 320
Summit HS OR/US Colin White BK 469
Summit HS OR/US Jackson Baker BK 530
Sunset High School OR/US Anika Gupta BE 401
Sunset High School OR/US Omkar Pawar BE 407
Sunset High School OR/US Nabeeha Saffat BE 412
Tillamook High School OR/US Thomas Adams BF 350
Westview High School OR/ Hanrui Huang BC 318
Westview High School OR/ Anwesha Mukherjee BC 324
Westview High School OR/ Rohan Ajjarapu BC 329
Westview High School OR/ Yifan Wang BC 479
Westview High School OR/ Albert Lu BC 535
Woodrow Wilson HS OR/US Chester Mantel AX 332