Choctaw Sting VIRTUAL Tournament

2021 — Online, OK/US

5A Dramatic Interp

Abbreviation 5A DI
Format Speech
Entry Fee $4.00
Entry 1 competitors per entry

Event Description:

  1. Dramatic and humorous interpretation are to be defined as a monologue or material in which persons or characters other than, or in addition to, the author speak throughout. The material should have sufficient merit to justify careful study and preparation by the student.

  2. Material must be from a single work of published worthwhile literature using the same diction that the author has used in the original manuscript. Materials taken from a recording will not be accepted.

  3. Additional wording may be added only for the purpose of introduction, transition, and conclusion. Transitions must be a vehicle for time or location change only. Total time of introduction, conclusion, and all transitions may not exceed two (2) minutes. Authors’ wording may not be altered except to delete vulgarities and offensive language.

  4. The performance should include an introduction designed to prepare the audience favorably for the material to be presented.

  5. The maximum time including the introduction is not to exceed ten (10) minutes.

  6. Properties shall not be used.

  7. Examples of movement PERMITTED:Kneeling on one or both knees, squatting, jumping, walking. Examples NOT PERMITTED: sitting or lying down.

  8. This is a memorized event. Use of a script is prohibited.

  9. A copy from the original published script must be available. This copy must have all lines highlighted if they are to be performed. A typed copy of all transitions must also be available. Each separate transition must be numbered with the correct corresponding number placed in the script at the appropriate location. Penalty for failure to have available or follow proper form is disqualification.

  10. Verbal prompting from the audience is not allowed.

  11. All performances must be void of profanity, vulgarity, nudity, obscenity, and hate speech. Use of these may result in lowered ranking or disqualification by the judges and a protest filed with the tournament director on Speech Form N.