North Catholic Invitational

2022 — Pittsburgh, PA/US

A-Declamation ASYNCH

Abbreviation A-DEC
Format Speech
Entry Fee $6.00
Entry 1 competitors per entry

Event Description:

1)A selection used in Oratorical Declamation must have been originally delivered in the form a speech by its author, a person other than the present speaker. The speaker must have an introduction which is at most one minute and names the work, author, and describes the circumstances under which the speech was originally presented. The original speaker's words must not be altered for the presentation with the exception that cutting is permitted. Material being performed must match the student’s original script. Selections may include professional speeches, public orations, eulogies, and sermons. Stand-up comedy routines are prohibited. Any non-speaking expressions such as singing or dancing should not be excessive or dominate the performance. Judges ranks may reflect if non-speaking expressions have dominated the performance.

2) The selection should be memorized, but speakers MAY use notes for this tournament, if needed.

3) The speaker should develop the ability to convey the message in a sincere, honest, and realistic style. The mechanics of speech must be observed faithfully: poise, quality of voice, effectiveness and ease of gesture, emphasis, variety, and enunciation. In addition, the speaker must be able to interpret the meaning of the speech and be able to carry the interpretation over to the minds of the listeners. The speaker must be able to interest the listeners and to hold their attention. Positions other than standing should not be excessive in length or dominate the performance.

4) No particular style should be demanded of the speaker; rather, the contestant should be free to select and to develop a personal style and be judged according to the degree of perfection attained and the effectiveness in influencing the listeners. While the specifics of the speech and any style of delivery which the speaker adopts should be judged in light of the purpose of the speech, artificiality is to be discredited. This event is an interpretation, not an impersonation.

5) This event is limited to freshman and sophomore students.

6) Time limits: Maximum - 10 minutes, including at most a 60 second introduction to the selection. If the speaker goes over a 30 second grace period, that contestant may not be awarded first place. No minimum time.

7) No properties or costumes of any kind may be used. Using “properties” means manipulating articles of clothing or objects to enhance the performance. Speakers using properties and/or wearing costumes will be disqualified.