North Catholic Invitational

2022 — Pittsburgh, PA/US

Impromptu LIVE

Abbreviation IMP
Format Speech
Entry Fee $6.00
Overall Entry Limit 24
Entry Limit Per School 4
Entry 1 competitors per entry

Event Description:

1. An impromptu topic is open to interpretation by the speaker as supported by varied

materials and gives a contestant opportunity to be creative and imaginative.

2. An impromptu speech should reveal the student's ability to organize his thoughts in a logical manner.

3. The contestant should be held accountable for strict adherence to the topic drawn and discounted severely for shifting to some other topic on which s/he might prefer to speak. The information presented should be well-chosen, pertinent, and sufficient to support the central thought of the topic.

4. The material should be organized according to some logical plan to produce a complete speech within the time allowed.

5. Delivery should be free from marked defects in the mechanics of speech -- poise, quality and use of voice, enunciation, fluency, bodily expressiveness -- and should be effective in enlisting and holding the interest of the audience.

6. The best impromptu speech combines clear thinking, good speaking, and interesting presentation with respect to the subject chosen.

7. Notes are not permitted.

8. There is NO minimum qualifying time. Do not penalize a contestant for brevity unless s/he fails to cover his/her subject adequately. . Impose no penalty for overtime unless it is excessive.