North Catholic Invitational

2022 — Pittsburgh, PA/US

Duo Interpretation LIVE

Abbreviation DUO
Format Speech
Entry Fee $12.00
Overall Entry Limit 24
Entry Limit Per School 4
Entry 2 competitors per entry

Event Description:


1. The art of interpretation is to be regarded as recreating the characters in the story, presented and making them seem living and real to the audience. Presentations shall be from memory and without the use of physical objects or costumes

2. The selection for interpretation must be a cutting from a single literary work. Selections from prose or poetry may be used.

3. Each of the two performers may play one or more characters, so long as performance responsibility in the cutting remains as balanced as possible. During the presentation, the team must name the author and the book or magazine from which the cutting was made.

4. The selection should be judged for its appropriateness as contest material and its suitability to the particular contestant using it. The use of good literature should be noted favorably.

5. This is a contest of interpretation. The contestants should be evaluated on poise, quality and use of voice, inflections, emphasis, pronunciation, enunciation, physical expression, and especially the ability to interpret characters correctly and consistently.

6. The final test of good interpretation is the ability to use all these factors so successfully and unobtrusively that the hearer forgets that this is a contest and is carried away to the time and place of the story being unfolded.

7. Movement to show passage of time, etc, is permitted.