Carolina Kickoff

2022 — Greer, SC/US

Varsity Lincoln-Douglas

Abbreviation VLD
Format Debate
Entry Fee $10.00
Entry 1 competitors per entry

Event Description:

NSDA Description: This popular style of debating features one person on each

side. Propositions of value are debated with the emphasis on developing logical

argumentation rather than an accumulation of information. You will learn

values analysis, argumentation skills, sound and ethical uses of persuasion,

and clear audience centered communication. You will have the opportunity to

debate several topics during the school year.

Good debaters construct value-driven cases that are consistent, coherent,

combine original analysis with carefully chosen evidence, and tackle the issues

in the resolution head-on. Over the course of the debate, they thoroughly

defend and expand their own arguments while meticulously deconstructing the

arguments of their opponents.

In the spirit of the debates of Lincoln and Douglas, LD Debate should be a

clash of ideas rather than personalities. Competitors are expected to be

assertive rather than aggressive.

Varsity competitors will debate the following resolution:

“The United States ought to implement a single-payer universal healthcare system.”