Carolina Kickoff

2022 — Greer, SC/US

Extemporaneous Speaking

Abbreviation EXT
Format Speech
Entry Fee $10.00
Entry 1 competitors per entry

Event Description:

NSDA Description: A contestant draws three questions on a current events topic, selects one, then has 30 minutes to prepare an answer to the question. The contestant uses a set of files that he or she has built as a resource for answering the question. Only published materials may be used as resources (books, magazines, newspaper, and online resources). Because our tournament is being held so early in the competition season, we will allow both varsity and novice students the option to use a notecard with no more than fifty words during the extemp speech. Judges should not penalize students for using the card. From the National Ballot: The extemp speech should not be regarded as a memory test of the material contained in any one magazine article, but rather as an original synthesis by the speaker of the current fact and opinion on the designated topic as presented by numerous sources. The contestant therefore should be held accountable for strict adherence to the precise statement of the topic drawn and discounted severely for shifting to some other phase of the topic on which he or she might prefer to speak. The information presented should be well-chosen, pertinent, and sufficient to support the central thought of the topic. The material should be organized according to some logical plan to produce a complete speech within the time allowed. Delivery should be free from marked defects in the mechanics of speech - poise, quality and use of voice, enunciation, fluency, bodily expressiveness - and should be effective in enlisting and holding the interest of the audience. The best extemporaneous speech combines clear thinking, good speaking, and interesting presentation to establish a definite thought with respect to the subject chosen. Judges should not require contestants speaking on a controversial subject to take a personal stand on that issue. They may do so, or they may elect to present both sides of the controversy as currently set forth in the public press.

Extemp contestants may use hard copy files and/or laptops for extemp prep. However, all computers must be powered by batteries. Power plug usage will not be allowed. No connectivity from contestants’ computers of any kind is permitted inside the Extemp Prep Room. This includes no Internet, no IM’ing, no outside servers, and no cell phone tethers. There will be no access to printers. Contestants are prohibited from accessing outlines and speeches prepared on computers prior to their draw times. Contestants may not use computers from the time they leave the Prep Room until they have completed their speeches. Riverside does not assume any liability for computers. Contestants, parents, and coaches should be aware that the contestants are bringing/using computers at their own risk. Any contestant using a computer must be prepared to show prep room or tournament staff what they are accessing at any time.

Time Limit: 7 minutes, with a 30 second grace period. (Presentations that exceed the grace period may not receive first place in the round. Any other penalty is at the judge’s discretion.)