Carolina Kickoff

2022 — Greer, SC/US


Abbreviation DEC
Format Speech
Entry Fee $10.00
Entry 1 competitors per entry

Event Description:


Open to students in the ninth or tenth grades only. Students must use a

speech or portion of a speech previously given by another person.

Students may read from a manuscript with no penalty, but they need not.

From the Catholic Forensic League Ballot:

Introduction: The introduction must name the work and author, provide

necessary background information and establish the mood. If using a teaser, or

if lines from the selection are used in the introduction, the speakers must

adhere to the rules of the event.

Presentation Style: The speaker should convey the message in a sincere, honest

and realistic attempt to recreate the spirit of the original presentation.

Although the style of delivery chosen by the speaker should be judged in light

of the purpose of the speech, artificiality is to be discredited. The message

should be conveyed credibly and convincingly as if the words were the

speaker’s own. This event is an interpretation, not an impersonation.

Vocal Delivery: The speaker should be articulate and fluent. The speaker

should make use of contrast, making use of the elements of vocal variety:

pitch, volume, rate, pausing, phrasing, stress, tone. The speaker should be

conversational and concerned, passionate and pleasing. The speaker should be

in control of the words and the emotions. The speaker should sound confident

and self-assured, and seem eager to enlighten the audience. The speaker

should convey the message in a sincere, honest, and realistic style in an

attempt to recreate the spirit of the original presentation.

Physical Delivery: The speaker should be physically open to the audience and

use body language that invites the audience into the world of the declaimer.

The speaker should vary facial expression to accentuate the natural flow of

thoughts and feelings. The speaker should make eye contact with the audience.

The speaker’s stance should be erect and controlled, without distracting

movements. Movement, if used, should be motivated by transitions in thought

or mood. Gestures should be visible, effectively used for emphasis, and varied.

Overall Effect: The speaker should project an understanding of the speech’s

message. The speaker should instill in the audience a concern for the speech’s

content. The original speaker’s message should not be overshadowed by the

delivery. Consideration should be given to the oratorical merit of the selection.

Time Limit: 10 minutes, with a 30 second grace period. (Presentations that

exceed the grace period may not receive first place in the round. Any other

penalty is at the judge’s discretion.)