District V Speech and Debate DISTRICT Tournament

2022 — Pocatello, ID/US

Retold Story

Abbreviation RTLD
Format Speech
Entry Fee $0.00 (Plus $5/student)
Entry Limit Per School 6
Entry 1 competitors per entry

Event Description:

Time: 6 min. maximum Time signals: provided

Draw Event Stories selected/prepared in draw room Contestants will select a story from a group of three elementary level books provided by the tournament and in 30 minutes, be prepared to retell the story as if they are presenting in front of an elementary-age audience. The story shall follow the basic storyline of the book being retold. The story shall be retold without notes, but must not be memorized. The same book may be presented only once by a contestant. Retold Event Procedure: Contestants will enter the round in staggered intervals and will hand the selected book to the judge before starting his/her presentation.

Note: The judge will return books to the tab room after each round, but will not read each book while contestant is retelling the story.