District V Speech and Debate DISTRICT Tournament

2022 — Pocatello, ID/US

Congressional Debate

Abbreviation CONG
Format Congress
Entry Fee $0.00 (Plus $5/student)
Entry Limit Per School 8
Entry 1 competitors per entry

Event Description:

Please visit Isata.org for your Idaho Debate Code (IDC)

The docket for this tournament is SET, meaning students may not rearrange the order of legislation in round. We will go from the first bill, through the last in the Student Legislation Packet. If a chamber needs additional legislation, we will supplement with NSDA December Legislation from front to back.

Supers Docket will use legislation from the NSDA Diversity and Inclusion Legislation. The 6 bills, in order are:

3. A Resolution to Assist in Controlling Drug Addiction and Assist in REcovery

12. A Bill to Ban Privatization of Prisons

14 A Bill to Encourage Bilingual Education Programs

21. A Resolution to Acknowledge Sanctuary Cities

25. A Bill to Eliminate the Pink Tax to Establish Economic Gender Equality

39. A Bill to Prohibit Discrimination on the Basis of Sex, Gender Identity, and Sexual Orientation

Students will not be permitted to suspend the rules (rearrange docket, open the house, marshall law, etc).

We will be following the Idaho State Debate code. If you would like to review the full evidence rules, please visit Idaho/NSDA Debate Code

We will also be utilizing direct questioning in the FINAL Congress round. Procedures for direct questioning can be reviewed below on page 8 of the Congress Debate Guide.