District V Speech and Debate DISTRICT Tournament

2022 — Pocatello, ID/US

Informative Speaking

Abbreviation INFO
Format Speech
Entry Fee $0.00 (Plus $5/student)
Entry Limit Per School 6
Entry 1 competitors per entry

Event Description:

Time: 10 min. maximum Time signals: not provided

An informative speech is an original speech designed to explain an idea, process, theory, person, place, or thing. A fabricated topic may not be used. Any non-factual reference, including a personal reference, must be so identified. It must be memorized. Audio/visual aids may or may not be used to supplement and reinforce the message. During the presentation, no electronic equipment is permitted. The use of live animals or any additional people as visual aids is not allowed during the speech. Items of dress put on and removed during the course of the presentation are considered costumes and may not be part of the contestant’s presentation. Visual aids may not violate law (weapons, drugs, etc.) The host school is not responsible for providing any facilities, equipment, or assistance in a contestant’s use of visual aids. Expedient set up and take down of aids is expected. If a visual aid displays published pictorial material, the source must be included in the work-cited page but does not need to be cited orally. Not more than 150 words of the speech may be direct quotation and such quotations must be identified orally and in a printed copy of the speech supplied prior to registration.