Sams Test Tournament

2021 — Online, WA/US

Open Dramatic Interp

Abbreviation ODI
Format Speech
Entry Fee $8.00
Entry 1 competitors per entry

Event Description:

Dramatic Interpretation-

1. The time limit is ten minutes with a 30-second “grace period.” Should a student go beyond the grace period, the student may not be ranked 1st. Judges are to use accurate (stopwatch function) timing devices. No minimum time is mandated.

2. Selections must be cuttings from a single work of literature (one short story, play, or novel), as per NSDA rules.

3. Changes to the script may only be used for the purpose of transition or to eliminate profane language. Transitions may be used to clarify the logical sequence of ideas. They are not to be used for the purpose of embellishing the humorous or dramatic effect of the literature.

4. The presentation may not use physical objects or costuming. The contestant must name the author and the source from which the cutting was made. The gender stated by the author must be honored. However, a female contestant may play a male role, and a male contestant may play a female role. Selections must be presented from memory. Monologues, prose, and poetry selections are acceptable. Use of focal points and/or direct contact with the audience should be determined by the requirements of the literature being interpreted. Full movement is allowed.

5. A student may not use a cutting from a work of literature the student used in competition in any previous contest year. A student entered in two events may not use the same selection of literature in both events.

1. EVENT RULES (Note: for COMPLETE interp rules, including publication lists, see