Sams Test Tournament

2021 — Online, WA/US

Novice Extemp

Abbreviation NET
Format Speech
Entry Fee $8.00
Entry 1 competitors per entry

Event Description:

Extemporaneous Speaking

Round 1 Topics

Round 2 Topics

Round 3 Topics

1. The speaker has one half hour to prepare one topic. The speaker should announce the topic choice as part of the introduction. The speaker will draw a topic from 2 domestic and 2 foreign choices.

2. In giving his/her speech, the speaker may not use any notes at the state tournament. It is common for other tournaments to allow novices to use one 4x6 note card when speaking.


4. The time limit for this event is SEVEN (7) MINUTES. If the speaker goes over a 30 second grace period the contestant may not be awarded first place in the round. No minimum time limit.