Urban Debate Dragon Invitational

2020 — Washington, Online, DC/US

Disclosure Requirements


Junior Varsity


JV Teams are expected to disclose via this Google Form by 11/4/2020.


See current disclosure here.


JV Teams are expected to use the arguments that they disclosed, even if they are not broken yet. Teams that break new arguments that are not disclosed will forfeit their rounds, this division is designed for informed clash and learning, not all out competition.




Varsity Teams are expected to disclose via the NDCA caselist.


Disclosure should be up to date and include complete citations. Varsity Teams are expected to add to their disclosure after they break new arguments each night after competition.


We value a wide range of pedagogical approaches to debate, but clash built on preparation is a necessary component to all of them. Openness promotes comprehension and preparation. A willingness to take part in a collective case list – in both spirit and in practice – is an essential characteristic to accepting the invitation to this competition. Case lists enhance the pedagogical and competitive goals of openness by allowing students to better understand their opponents’ arguments which is an essential component to quality clash and better debates.


*If you cannot agree with the stipulation above, we will respectfully ask that you explore other competitive opportunities on this weekend. Those that DO attend; yet attempt to evade/ignore our requests will be asked to leave. Participation in this tournament, like mutual preference judging, is a privilege, not a right.