Urban Debate Dragon Invitational

2020 — Washington, Online, DC/US

Financial Information


Entry Fees:


Entering a Varsity Team: $50


Entering a JV Team: $40


Hiring a Judge: $250


Drop Fee: $100 per team


Observer: $5 per day ($15 for the whole tournament)


*An Observer is defined as anyone who isn’t in the judge pool or actively competing. Many online platforms charge us a per-user fee, which we’ll pass along if you have observers. To allow an observer to enter, please email the tournament director with their full name, affiliation, and email address. Failure to do so will result in denial of admittance.


To Make A Payment:


·         Credit Card


oPayments may be made as donations to the Washington Urban Debate League on our website: www.urbandebatewashingtondc.org/donate


o   Please include who you are and what you are paying for in the note section.


·         Checks


o   Must be received by 11/11/2020


o   Please mail to: PO Box 6319, Washington DC, 20015


o   Please make checks out to the “Washington Urban Debate League”


§  Checks made out to any other name will not be accepted. If your school check is made out incorrectly, you will need to provide a personal check for us to hold until your school can send us another check.


*If you need a W-9 for your school please contact the tournament director


Fees are due 11/11/2020, and we encourage you to do so ahead of time.


Urban Debate Teams:

If entry or judge fees will impact your attendance, please contact the Tournament Director, we will lower fees to make the competition accessible for you if possible, after consultation with your league staff or other applicable administrators