Urban Debate Dragon Invitational

2020 — Washington, Online, DC/US

Competitive Info


Competitive Info:


We will provide competition in all divisions using the NFHS 2020-2021 resolution (Resolved: The United States federal government should enact substantially Criminal Justice Reform in one or more of the following: policing, sentencing, and/or forensic science.)


In JV and Varsity CX, we will host 6 preliminary debates, and advance to Octo-Finals. This year’s tournament has been designated a Finals Bid for the Tournament of Champions at the University of Kentucky, so participants in the final Varsity round will both receive bids to attend the TOC in the spring.


Please consider entering eligible students in the JV Division so that breaking to Octo-Finals won’t be impractical due to an over-large Varsity pool.


Awards will also be given to the top speakers in all divisions.


Eligibility for the JV Division:


This Division is designed for students in their formative years, and the eligibility requirements should reflect that. You may enter in the JV Division if you have participated in two or less years of High School Debate.


Please contact the tournament director regarding questions or special circumstances (which I know arise frequently).


WUDL will have teams from a variety of schools participating in all divisions. We will conflict anyone who has helped a team prepare as necessary.


Debate Times:


Constructive: 8 Minutes


Rebuttals: 5 Minutes


CX: 3 Minutes


Argumentation Prep: 8 Minutes


Tech Prep: 10 Minutes (Use only if you have technical difficulties)