Tournament of Champions

2020 — Lexington, KY/US

Virtual Extemp Draw Announcement

For Extemporaneous Speaking, the TOC is excited to announce a partnership with Prepd, which will be powering the virtual Extemp draw.

Prepd (pronounced “prepped”) is dedicated software for competitive Extemp and Congressional Debate. This year, over 700 speech and debate programs purchased an annual membership to Prepd’s software, which helps Extempers research, practice, and compete. Prepd’s leadership team has been working closely with the TOC’s to build new product functionality that will administer a virtual Extemp draw.

Read for detailed instructions on how the TOC Extemp Draw will function.

IMPORTANT: Every TOC Extemper needs to do the following prior to the tournament:

1. Install Google Chrome on your desktop computer or laptop. Prepd works exclusively on the Google Chrome web browser.

2. Create a free Prepd account. You may create a free Prepd account for individual competition (i.e., a “Free One” account) by visiting on the Google Chrome browser. With a free account, you will have full access to the TOC Extemp draw functionality.

3. Log into – Prepd’s Extemp application – and click on the bottom icon on the vertical, left navigation menu. When you hover over this icon, a tab unfolds that reads “Extemp TOC 2020.” This page is where Extemp draw will be administered. Be sure to visit this page before each scheduled round, and follow the instructions to draw your topic questions. Once you draw your three topic questions, be sure to select the orange “Select Question” button beneath one of the topic questions, so you inform the software which question you are speaking on.

4. Keep an eye on Prepd’s blog where Prepd will be publishing additional information, including an FAQ and a tutorial video, in the coming days. If you haven’t already, be sure to read

5. If you have questions about Prepd’s virtual Extemp draw, you may email