Tournament of Champions

2020 — Lexington, KY/US

Public Forum - Evidence Exchange Guidance

Due to the online format there will be some requirements to allow what has traditionally occurred in a face-to-face public forum round to occur online.

1) Evidence exchange will ONLY occur in the email chain established at the beginning of the round. The judge should be included on the email chain.

2) Evidence is sent in the email chain when requested. 

3) Be specific about the evidence you are requesting and what you want

  A) A cut card, then the team can send the cut card inside of an email or in attached word document

  B) A cut card and the PDF - send the cut card in the email body and attach the PDF

  C) If you paraphrase then you send an email with the paragraph you are paraphrasing in the body of the email and the attached PDF

NSDA evidence rules indicate you must point to the specific words you are paraphrasing -- "The new language forces teams to point to specific lines from the original source from which the paraphrased argument is pulled, in contrast to the old language that would allow a team to point to an entire book or article as their original source".

4) Sending website links -- This doesn't work.  Paywalls stop students from accessing evidence.  Links are not copied correctly or wrong.  You should attach the PDF to the email or if the PDF is too big for an email then you should save it in a Google Drive and send a link to the article in a Google Drive.

5) Students are not required to use their personal email addresses. It might be a good idea to set up a team Gmail account - for example that partners can share for the purposes of the tournament.