Tournament of Champions

2020 — Lexington, KY/US

Update Log:
3-31---Practice Sign-Up Form released, right hand side of page. 
3-20---At larges announced, list of decision on right hand side of page. 
3-18---Best Practices and Procedures Posted
3-18---Technology Grants from Patterson Foundaton available.
3-18---Online Speech Announcement, posted on right hand side of page. 
3-16---how to get off the waitlist

3-15---Guidance on school approval + paying fees


Navigating the waitlist, principal letter and entry fees

Usually you sign up on tabroom, are placed on a waitlist, we receive your principal letter and fees and we remove you from the waitlist. 

We have heard from many of you due to spring break and school closings that your ability to produce a letter or fees from your school is very uncertain. 

We hear you and we are offering this new procedure to get off the waitlist, it mainly consists of dropping me a quick email indicating one of the following:

a. I have submitted the letter and fees, we are going to participate in the eTOC, I need to get off the waitlist
b. We are going to participate in the eTOC, we are not sure when we can submit the letter and fees, but we can do so as soon as our school reopens etc.
c. We cannot participate in the eTOC, please drop my entries.


Principal Letter + Paying Fees

We understand there is a wave of school closures occurring right now. These closures could be extended throughout April. Even if schools reopen around April 1st like reported, the business operations of the school may move slowly. All these things impact the abiltiy to meet deadlines set out in our invite.


We are willing to be flexible. Ultimately, the thing squads need to determine is if the school supports them particpating in this endeavor and will process paying fees at some point. On our end we will avoid making irreversible financial committments until the last possible moment. 

We appreciate folks who are going to try to make this work and we will in kind try to make this work for you all by being as flexible as we can. But please note that at some point, your entries remaining on tabroom will be taken as a committment to participate to the best of your abilities similar to a live tournament and our ability to refund money will become more limited the closer we get to the tournament.