Tournament of Champions

2020 — Lexington, KY/US

Live Stream Google Sheet

This is where we are coordinating all live stream options. You can go there to find links to youtube channels. 


Technology Checklist for Competitors and Judges

1.       Practiced a Zoom Call

2.       Determined best internet connection

                                Hold a zoom call

                                Ethernet is best

                                Minimize the distance and obstacles between you and your router is 2nd best.

                3. Computer video works

                                Verify you are visible and don’t have anything distracting or inappropriate in the background

                4. Computer audio works

                                Know where your microphone is on your computer if not using an external device.

                                Know what behaviors during a round could obscure your microphone.

                5. Bookmark TOC websites




Registration Checklist

                1. Resolve fees

                                Pay by credit card:

                                Email Lincoln so he can note your situation

                2. Principal confirmation

                3. Honor codes for all students/coaches/judges

                4. Video release for all students/coaches/judges

                5. TOC Contact Form



Person in Charge Checklist

                1. TOC contact form filled out


                                Remember: anyone who isn’t a participant or judge needs to be listed as an observer (we don’t know they exist otherwise, so this includes coaches not slated to judge). You can edit the form until Thursday the 16th at 8PM EST. 

                2. You will be quick to respond to communications from tournament staff all four days of the event

                3. You have the contact information for all judges and students related to your entry.

                4. You have established fast lines of communication with all judges and students to use during the tournament

                5. You have registered all relevant observers using the TOC contact form.

                6. You only share your school’s personalized password with your students and judges

                                Sharing passwords with unauthorized users can result in fines and impact your school’s ability to remain in the tournament.

                7. Schedule a check in time online with your team and judges on Friday or Saturday morning so you can verify everyone is up and ready.


Judge Checklist

                1. Have a paradigm on Tabroom (PF/LD/Policy).

                2. Complete judge training at for your event.

                3. Review the schedule and report any time constraints in your judge notes.

4. Double-checked the judge conflict policy for your event and entered your constraints on Tabroom.

5. Remember---we are using standby judges during the tournament, so you could be assigned a round or standby. You are off of standby once a tab staff member clears you.