34th Annual Stanford Invitational

2020 — Stanford, CA/US

Unaffiliated Entries

DEFINITION OF AN UNAFFILIATED ENTRY: A unaffiliated or "non-school" (also known as "independent," "club," or "academy" entry) is any entry which does not meet both of two important criteria:

  1. Official sanctioning by the school in which they are primarily enrolled for degree seeking purposes, such that attending the Stanford Invitational is fully an official school trip (not merely that the school provides a "non-objection to attendance" by the student(s) in question)
  2. Accompaniment by a chaperone who is an employee of the school or is certified by the school to serve as a representative of the school in an official capacity (such as official district volunteer chaperone certification/approval)

For more information about the specific mandatory requirements for Unaffiliated Entries, please visit the Unaffiliated Entries section of the tournament's invitation