34th Annual Stanford Invitational

2020 — Stanford, CA/US

Mandatory Squad Confirmation Form Process

*** 2020 Stanford Invitational Squad Confirmation Form Status Tracker ***


Here is the link to the 2020 Stanford Invitational Squad Confirmation Form

In an effort to increase the quality of the tournament experience for all attendees, to more clearly communicate various critical tournament policies & procedures, and to speed up the on-site verification process (on Friday 2/7) we have instituted a formal “Pre-Tournament Squad Confirmation” procedure.  The form has a few different pages that will be offered to you depending on your responses to a variety of important questions.

For 2020, every squad’s coordinator must complete two distinct phases of the Squad Confirmation Form process, which is done by filling out a Google Form that we’ve put together:


  1. Initial registration/entry details: must be submitted at the time of initial entry into the tournament, more specifically at the time you agree to the tabroom.com disclaimer

    • To pass the tabroom.com disclaimer, you are agreeing that you must complete the Squad Confirmation Process - it is linked from the disclaimer for your convenience.

    • We will not clear any of a squad’s entry into the tournament if they have not submitted the initial phase of the Squad Confirmation Form.

  2. Finalized entry verification & submission of required forms: must be completed no later than 11:59pm on Wednesday, February 5th

    • This final phase of the Squad Confirmation Form is where squad coordinators submit the required waivers (and for unaffiliated entries, the required letters).

    • You will be asked to provide a primary site contact for each location where you have students competing.


Instructions for completing the Squad Confirmation Form:

  1. At the time of initial entry, begin completing the Squad Confirmation Form.

  2. You will proceed until section 8 where you are asked if you are ready to finalize your entry.  During the initial stage you answer “no” to that question, which will then allow you submit the form on the subsequent page.

  3. You will be emailed a receipt upon submission.  This receipt contains a link that you can use to return and edit your response at a later time.  Do not lose this email, as it is a simple way to complete the second part of the process.

  4. Until your entry is finalized / until you are ready to upload the required Stanford Individual Waivers (and Parent/Guardian Letters for Unaffiliated Entries), there is no further action to take with the Squad Confirmation Form, so long as you proceeded through section 8 and then submitted.

  5. When your entry is finalized, return to edit your earlier response.  This can be done by clicking the link that was emailed to you in your “response receipt,” or by returning to the form while signed into the Google account you used to initially fill out the form.

  6. If anything has changed on your initial response, you may edit them, however on what was previously the last page (section 8) you will change your answer to “yes” and hit next which will then take you to the final confirmation steps.

  7. Complete the remaining steps, which includes uploading the required files.


What will be asked in the form that I might not just know off of the top of my head / what do I need to know before completing the form?


Initial registration/entry details:

  • Tabroom info (please enter this exactly as it appears in tabroom): squad name, contact name, contact email

  • Head coach contact details (name, cell phone, email)

  • Classification of your squad as either a “school entry” or an “unaffiliated entry” & certification of that classification as correct

  • Review of critical tournament deadlines, policies & procedures in order to avoid any doubt later on in the registration process or the tournament itself

Finalized entry verification & submission of required forms:

  • [unaffiliated entries only] requirement to upload the mandatory parent letters for all students attending the tournament as one single file per squad (ex if you have 10 students, the parent letters for all 10 students must be in a single PDF file, tilted as “[name of my squad] - parent letters”

  • Required upload of the mandatory waivers for all students attending the tournament as one single file per squad (ex if you have 10 students, the waivers for all 10 students must be in a single PDF file, tilted as “[name of my squad] - waivers”

  • Requirement to certify that you understand and have complied with your obligation to collect fully & properly completed Stanford Individual Waivers for all students attending as a part of your squad

  • Name of the primary responsible adult chaperone that will be present at each tournament site at which you have students, plus their contact details (cell phone & email)

  • Review of on-site registration requirements

  • Review of and agreement with a variety of critical tournament policies that some squads have been confused about in recent years


Help, I don’t know what to do!  / general FAQs related to this process


Helpful tips that may be useful in completing the form:

  • In order to return to make later edits and to upload files, you’ll be required to be logged into a Google account (not necessarily a gmail account).  If you do not have a Google account, you will be able to create one quickly. This is required to enable file uploads and response editing.

  • When you complete and submit the form, you will be emailed a “receipt” that you should be sure to keep as you WILL need it again later!

  • If any details change (ex if you need to change the listed chaperone for one of the sites, or you add a student and therefore have another waiver to submit), you may use the link that is included in your receipt email to return to your form submission and make any necessary edits.  DO NOT submit the form multiple times as this will create multiple entries that could have conflicting information!

Tips specifically about the file uploading process (for waivers & letters):

  • As a squad, you need to create a single PDF file (one file for waivers, one file for letters).  You are not offered any opportunity to upload (for instance) 10 separate letters or waivers files.  Do not submit the form multiple times rather than combining all of the documents into a PDF single file.  Do not email/mail/fax the forms into us rather than combining all of the documents into a single PDF file.

  • Be sure that any document you scan is complete.  None of the text can be cut off in the scan.

  • Where possible, please keep the file sizes reasonable.  For large school squads, we understand that it may be impossible to keep your PDF files of Stanford Individual Waivers under 50mb and we have therefore set an absurdly high file size limit (there is NO REASON why the form won’t accept a large enough file).  But please be mindful that we’ll need to process these files in order to submit them to the relevant Stanford department, and huge files really suck.

I am the squad coordinator for more than one squad, but the form will only allow me to submit one time.  What should I do?

  • If you are the coordinator for more than one squad and thus need to submit the form more than one time, you must use a different google account for each squad's submission.  Due to significant problems encountered during the 2019 tournament with this system where squads submitted the form multiple times and created significant confusion, we have the "only allow one submission" option activated.

  • We apologize for any inconvenience caused by needing to use multiple google accounts, but we've chosen to prioritize having accurate submissions from the 200+ schools attending the tournament at the expense of a slight inconvenience for the handful of coaches who coordinate multiple squads and appreciate your understanding.

My school district email won't allow me to submit a Google Form / won't allow me to upload files via a Google Form, what do I do?

  • You don't have to submit from your district email if there are domain restrictions like this in place, any google account that allows you to submit is fine.  In this situation, please use a personal/other google account for the form submission and you still are able to specify your school email as the proper contact channel when submitting form responses.