34th Annual Stanford Invitational

2020 — Stanford, CA/US

REQUIRED Student Waivers

Every student attending the Stanford Invitational must have their parent/guardian sign an "Individual Waiver" in order to attend the Stanford Invitational.  Squad coordinators bringing students to the Stanford Invitational must ensure that each student has completed this required document, which is to be remitted electronically before the tournament.  By registering to attend the tournament, coaches agree that they are responsible for overseeing completion of this requirement and understand that they will be asked to certify completion as a component of the final "on site verification" or "e-registration" process.


Waivers are to be submitted via the Mandatory Squad Confirmation Form Process.  PLEASE do not email us with questions about how what the waivers are or how to submit the waivers until you've read all of the relevant linked pages!


More information and a link to the waiver itself can be found on the "Individual Waiver" page of the tournament invitation.