Castle Classic NIETOC BID Greeley Central HS

2019 — Greeley, CO/US

Payment - how, who, where

Entries & Fees:

-          Registration on

-          Entries will be accepted until 60 rooms are filled. We strongly encourage early entries so we can plan for judges accordingly.

-          Fees of $9.00 per single entry, $18.00 per team (CX, Duo and PF) and $6.00 per student congress entry are based on pre-registration – Due by 11/9

-          If you want to enter more than 5 in each event, please contact Frenchie.

-          If you are fortunate enough to have a P-Card/Credit Card/Debit Card, you can call my fabulous finance secretary, Nancy Kern, and pay that way, just let her know it is for the forensics tournament. 970-348-5002.

-          Please make the checks payable to: Greeley Central High School 

Send to:

Greeley Central High School Forensics

c/o Sarah French

1515 14th Ave

Greeley, CO 80634