Castle Classic NIETOC BID Greeley Central HS

2019 — Greeley, CO/US

Judge Notes


- PLEASE HELP US WITH JUDGES. If you want us to run on time, we must have the judges.

- We are going to attempt COMPUTER BALLOTS, so please ask judges to bring an electronic device (I will have limited Chromebooks to loan out for the day).  PLEASE have them create a judge tabroom account to speed up the process at judge check-in in the morning.

- We ask that ALL coaches judge 2 rounds during the day. No matter the circumstance, every team is required to donate two rounds of judging by any coach – head or assistant will do. Coaches not wishing to judge or who do not provide a judge for the 2 donated rounds will be asked to pay a $30 judge fee.

- If you bring CX teams, you need to bring CX judges; the event is shrinking, as is the available pool of “qualified” judges for the event.  No judges = totally lay judges and it is what it is.

Facebook for judges:

**We have a facebook page for Northern Colorado judges. Please tell your judges to search for ‘Northern CO Speech & Debate Forensics Judges’ and ‘like’ the page.    I post details on that facebook page about upcoming judging opportunities.