Castle Classic NIETOC BID Greeley Central HS

2019 — Greeley, CO/US

Castle Classic @ Greeley Central High School

National Individual Events Tournament of Champions (NIETOC) Bid Tournament

On behalf of the Greeley Central High School Forensics team, I would like to invite you and your team to the 2019 GCHS ‘Castle Classic’ Varsity Invitational Tournament on November 16. We are once again pleased to announce that this tournament has been accepted as an official NIETOC bid tournament (National Individual Events Tournament of Champions).

Tournament Style:

Waved (Orange wave, Black wave - oscillating)  Black wave is B wave

3 rounds + finals where numbers warrant (More than 20 entries)

Orange Wave Events: CX, PF, Drama, Humor, POI (Program Oral Interp), Informative Speaking, NX and Congressional Debate.

 Black Wave Events: LD, Duo, OO, FX, Poetry, Creative Storytelling and Congressional Debate.

Double entry is encouraged across waves – if you have an extraordinary student that wants to attempt more than 2 individual events (for NIETOC purposes), please just ask me and doubling within a wave can be negotiated.

- LF & PF may not double enter in another debate.

- LD & PF entries who double in Extemp may lose full prep in Extemp if debate rounds run late.

- CX debaters may ONLY double enter in Congress

- Competitors competing in Poetry and POI should use different performances/pieces/cuttings as they are not the same event.  Poetry will use CHSAA rules (10 minutes, memorized)

- Creative Storytelling = CHSAA rules (15 minute prep, 3-5 min memorized performance, draw character/setting/conflict scenario)


This will take place on this year.

Congress Details:

- We will have a revolving congress session.  Students will attend the congress session in one wave, then take an extended personal privilege and go to the next wave.

- We will make every effort to maintain the same judge for all 3 ‘mini-rounds’, but if that is not possible, there will be a different judge each round and results will be averaged to determine awards… the student must be in all three ‘mini-rounds’ to be eligible for an award & the last PO standing gets the gavel. THE JUDGE DETERMINES AWARDS, NOT A CHAMBER VOTE.

- Email legislation to Frenchie so it can be posted on tabroom.

- LEGISLATION DEADLINE = 12:00 PM Friday, November 8.

- If schools do not submit legislation, GCHS will provide legislation – this enhances and legitimizes the congress so students have time to actually research and prepare ahead of time instead of playing games.

- There will not be any ‘walk-on’ legislation the day of the tournament.

Entries & Fees:



 -Entries will be accepted until 60 rooms are filled. We strongly encourage early entries so we can plan for judges accordingly.

- Fees of $9.00 per single entry$18.00 per team  (CX, Duo and PF) and  $6.00 per student congress entry are based on pre-registration – Due by 11/9

- If you want to enter more than 5 in each event, please contact Frenchie.

Make checks payable to GREELEY CENTRAL, c/o Sarah French-Hahn. 

If you are fortunate enough to have a P-Card/Credit Card/Debit Card, you can call my fabulous finance secretary, Nancy Kern, and pay that way, just let her know it is for the forensics tournament. 970-348-5002.

Greeley Central High School Forensics

c/o Sarah French-Hahn

1515 14th Ave

Greeley, CO 80634