Castle Classic NIETOC BID Greeley Central HS

2019 — Greeley, CO/US

Tab, Ballots, Disclosure

Tab Room: We will be in the library (on the second floor of the Castle). As always, coaches are welcome in the tab room. We will ask coaches to help in tab and/or judge, please make sure you are available and don’t sneak off for a nap. Help us on computer tab via the tabroom platform - learn it and/or help teach others how to use it. We all need to get used to using it and the more transparent tournaments are, the better!


Ballots & Results Disclosure: We are not in lock-down mode, so coaches may read and enjoy the ballots at any point in the day on Tabroom. WE ARE TRYING ALL COMPUTERIZED BALLOTS. Please do not release ballots to your students until the conclusion of the awards ceremony. If you are a coach who tells your students how they are doing throughout the day, please be mindful that some coaches do not inform their students about round results until after awards. Please tell your students to not tell others how they are doing.