Damus Hollywood Invitational and USC Round Robin

2019 — Los Angeles - Notre Dame HS, Ha, CA/US

Novice Policy Evidence Restrictions

10/2/19 UPDATE: No additional evidence was submitted for review so the NCX division is limited to aff and neg arguments from the NDCA packet. 

Novice Policy will be limited to reading NDCA Novice Policy Packet evidence as well as full source and shared UDL/MDL packets or state-sanctioned evidence packets. UDL/MDL and state-sanctioned packets must be balanced (meaning there are adequate answers to each position included) and emailed in full source by 10/1/19 at 5pm (PT) to Phillips@ndhs.org to be allowed in the novice division. This evidence will be reviewed and then provided on the tournament tabroom website for everyone by October 5th.  If no alternate packets are submitted, then the field will be restricted to using the NDCA packet evidence. Please email questions if you are unclear on this policy. 

2019-20 NDCA Novice Evidence Packet - http://www.debatecoaches.org/2018-2019-novice-packet