ONW Forensics Invitational NIETOC

2019 — Olathe, KS/US

Rules and Notes

1. Except as indicated below, events will follow NSDA and KSHSAA rules. In the case of a direct conflict (prep time in LD, for instance), we will defer to the NSDA rules. NIETOC event rules, when in conflict, will NOT be used (for example, no electronic visual aids in Info will be permitted, and duets may use a table).

2. Congress awards will be determined by the lowest total ranks on judge ballots. We hope to place a parliamentarian in each chamber whose ballot will serve as the final tiebreaker.

3. Extras may be awarded on Saturday morning at the host's discretion. To better accommodate drops, only round 1 will be initially published. Students are encouraged to bring devices which can access Tabroom.com, and to sign up for "Live Updates", to facilitate participation. Paper schematics will be posted in the Commons but electronic schematics will be faster for all involved.

4. No student may compete in both extemp events. Students may enter any number of other events on Saturday, but tournament management will not extend rounds unless a delay is the fault of the tournament. Students are advised that 2-3 entries is more than stressful enough for most. Some years, we have had to have very large sections of competition.

5. The LD topic will be the March/April topic from NSDA (Drug policy). The PF topic will be the March topic from NSDA (Housing).

6. Each school should send at least one qualified judge with their entry on each day. We anticipate that you will be asked to judge at least a couple of rounds. Please input that judge's name with your registration. If you have extra bodies who wish to volunteer to judge, please input them as well - we will use them!

7. KSHSAA rules regarding Internet access will NOT be followed. We will be following the NSDA pilot Internet use rules in Congressional Debate, Extemporaneous Speaking, Lincoln-Douglas Debate, and Public Forum Debate. While using electronic devices in these events, students MAY connect to the Internet, but MAY NOT request or receive any competitive advantage from another person during the round and/or extemp prep time. Our guest wireless network (such as it is) will be made available to all students.

8. Fees are $4 per Friday entry and $5 per Saturday entry. This reflects a philosophy of $1 per round - so if you are on team "we charge what you charge", that's the math we will use to reciprocate.

9. Registration to new entries will remain open until at least Friday, February 22. However, all entries which are registered on or after Friday, February 15 will incur an entry fee, even if they are later dropped.

10. KSHSAA rules regarding the judge serving as the official timekeeper will NOT be followed. Judges will be permitted and/or encouraged to keep time, and instructed to exercise consistency among performers if they choose to do so.