ONW Forensics Invitational NIETOC

2019 — Olathe, KS/US

The Olathe Northwest Forensics Inivitational will be on March 1 and 2, 2019, at Olathe Northwest High School.

Friday competition will include Lincoln-Douglas Debate, Public Forum Debate, and Congressional Debate, with novice divisions as numbers permit.

Saturday competition will include DX, IX, DI, HI, Duo, Duet, Poetry, Prose, POI, Info, Impromptu, and OO.

This tournament will award bids to the 2019 NIETOC in Omaha, Nebraska, in DI, HI, Duo, Duet, POI, Info, and OO.

Our tournament will feature a semifinal round for the top 12-24 entries in each event, followed by a final round featuring the top 6 in each event. Medals will be awarded to the top 6 entries in each event. Final placement will be determined cumulatively, with each judge's ballot counting separately.

Tabulation Info: We will not be using quality points.
In preliminary rounds, ties in ranks will be broken by (1) reciprocals and (2) strength of opposition. Entries that are tied past that point will all advance.
In semifinals, ties in cumulative ranks will be broken by (1) total ranks in elims only, (2) reciprocals in all rounds, (3) reciprocals from elims only, and (4) preliminary round seed.
Final ties in cumulative ranks will be broken by (1) judge preference among the three finals judges, (2) reciprocals in all rounds, (3) total ranks in elims only, and (4) preliminary round seed.

New for this year, sweeps will return to a more traditional scoring metric using judge ranks from preliminary rounds only, considering your top 16 entries.

For the second year, we will offer a Triathlon award for the individual student with the strongest performance across three Saturday events. Coaches will be asked to submit up to 3 names of students to be eligible for this award; you may wait until after round 3 results have been read to make that decision.

As my team is smaller than past years, you will be initially limited to 40 Saturday entries. At this time I do not anticipate the need to cap Friday entries.

Students may only enter at most one Friday event (Congress, LD, PFD).

NEW: Students may enter in as many Saturday events as you care to let them enter, with the exception that no student should enter in both divisions of extemp. Please be aware that each round has a firm 90-minute cap which will only be extended if we believe that tournament administration caused a delay. In particular, students who try to enter more than three events are more than likely wasting your money - but we will not be dropping students or policing multiple entries.

NEW: As we hope to draw a larger entry field than East Kansas schools, please pay special attention to the Congress info (yellow button to your right) for information about submitting your legislation.

Please read the sidebar notes carefully, particularly the "Rules and Notes", for important departures from KSHSAA rules that will be observed at this tournament.