Olle Owl Middle School Invitational

2024 — Houston, TX/US

Safety Procedures

As educators, our top priority should always be the safety of our students. Like your campuses, Olle Middle School has implemented a multitude of procedures to guarantee student and teacher safety during the school day. We will be implementing these same procedures during our tournament:

One Point of Access during the Tournament: All coaches, competitors, parents, and judges must enter the building through the front entrance by the flagpole. An Olle Middle School staff member will be present at this entrance throughout the tournament.

If anyone is caught opening another exterior door, their entire school will be disqualified. Please note: Most of our exterior doors are equipped with alarms.

Background Checks on Adults Attending the Tournament: In accordance with our district and school safety procedures, we will use our visitor management system to perform an instant background check on all adult coaches, judges, and parents attending the tournament. Consequently, all adults attending the tournament will need to present a driver’s license or other state identification card when they enter the building. After we run this background check, each visitor will receive a visitor badge that they are expected to wear at all times.

If an adult is an Alief ISD staff member or volunteer, they should wear their Alief identification card and sign in when they enter the building.

Ample Supervision: A building administrator will be present throughout the tournament.

A Collaborative Approach to Safety: Please share our safety procedures with all coaches, parents, and competitors prior to the tournament.

During the tournament, if you see an adult without a visitor badge or Alief identification badge, please alert a tournament official immediately.

Concerns? If you have any safety concerns or suggestions prior to the tournament, please contact George Tennison at gttennis@ga.aliefisd.net.