Olle Owl Middle School Invitational

2024 — Houston, TX/US

Tournament Rules

Eligibility and Registration:

If a student competes for a non-school-based club, and their accredited school is attending our tournament, that student must compete for their accredited school. Students who violate this rule will be disqualified.

Unaccompanied middle school students (grades 8 and under) cannot observe tournament events. If your team/school is not here, you should not be either.

Coaches may not enter two teams.

In individual events, a student may not reuse material presented at any competition during a previous academic year. For the purposes of this tournament, the academic year begins in August and ends with the NSDA National Tournament in June. Consequently, students may not use material that they presented at the 2023 NSDA Middle School National Tournament.

Each team must be accompanied by a faculty coach throughout the tournament.

Students may cross-enter in two events per section, but we will not hold up a round for any student. Students are responsible for getting to their rooms on time.

Students in Congressional Debate, LD Debate, PF Debate, and World Schools Debate cannot enter sections C or D.

Because we are using electronic ballots, name substitutions must be made at registration. Individual judges will not have the ability to make name changes.

General Behavior:

Harassment, discrimination, stalking, and bullying are strictly prohibited. Individuals who violate this policy will be disqualified and asked to leave our campus. Additionally, they may be banned from attending future tournaments at Olle Middle School.

Students, coaches, and parents are expected to demonstrate good sportsmanship. Individuals who demonstrate poor sportsmanship may be asked to leave and banned from attending future tournaments at Olle Middle School.

Competitors are expected to remain in the cafeteria when not competing or watching other performances.

Competitors are expected to behave in a mature, respectful manner. We reserve the right to disqualify any student who demonstrates inappropriate behavior.

Our school is quite compact and extremely easy to navigate. Running is prohibited at all times and may result in disqualification of your entire team. For safety reasons, we ask that shoes be worn at all times. No house slippers or bare feet!

Our school is divided into three academies—gold, red, and blue. Noise should be minimal in the academy areas.

Since all contest rooms will be located in these academies, radios may not be played in the academy areas.

Food and beverages may only be consumed in the cafeteria.

The gym and courtyard areas are off limits at all times.

Alief ISD is a tobacco and drug free district. Any use of tobacco or drugs will result in disqualification, and district police will be notified.

Acts of theft, acts of vandalism, or tampering with a fire alarm will result in the student’s entire team being disqualified. Additionally, we will file charges with campus police.

Expectations When Competing or Observing:

Students may not enter a classroom if a judge is not present.

Students should not enter a classroom while another student is performing.

Spectators and performers are expected to watch and listen attentively to the other performances. Spectators and performers should be in the room at the beginning of the round and should watch all of the performances. (Performers are exempt from this rule if they are cross-entered.)

Furniture may not be removed from any room.

No one should touch the classroom smart boards for any reason.