Olle Owl Middle School Invitational

2024 — Houston, TX/US

Special Awards

Amber Bonner-Mackey Spirit Award

During the awards ceremony, each coach will choose one student from their school to receive the Amber Bonner-Mackey Spirit Award. Coaches will determine the criteria for this award, but they should look for students who work hard, display a positive attitude, and demonstrate good sportsmanship. Some coaches choose to award students who contribute to their team, but do not always win trophies. Coaches should be prepared to make brief remarks about the student they have chosen.

Amber Bonner-Mackey was a founding member of our team who competed in spite of significant obstacles. More importantly, she always had a positive attitude and supported her teammates, even when she was incapable of competing herself. From its inception, our spirit award has been named in her honor. Amber passed away in 2020.

Ernest M. Evans, II Individual Sweepstakes Award

The three individuals with the most sweepstakes points will receive the Ernest M. Evans, II Individual Sweepstakes Award.

Ernest Evans was one of the most competitive debaters in the history of Olle Middle School, and he achieved success in individual events as well. After graduating from Dartmouth and beginning his career, Ernest suffered a tragic accident. After fighting his way back for several years, Ernest passed away in 2020.